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Financial aid at an overseas university?

I am a citizen of the united states and I want to go to college in the UK (lancaster university if it means anything). My question is what can I expect, and where should I look for financial aid / scholarships. I have know idea where to begin and I dont know british policies on the subject. Any help would be appeciated!

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Your in luck!

The University of Lancaster is one of the Universities in the United Kingdom which is approved by the US Department of Education for participation in the Federal Family Education (FFEL) programs.

Which means as a U.S. citizen you can apply for Federal Financial Aid in the United States to cover part of the costs.

For more information on this visit the websites below (links 1-3).

For further information on various other scholarships and sources of funding to study in the United Kingdom visit the last link.

By the way – the Federal School Code needed for the University of Lancaster is:


Enjoy and good luck!