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“It is commonly said that among upper class people education is natural for them , because of their origin they speak a nice language and use complicated and sophisticated words. In a way they are privilged. But school and long studies can dramatically changes the situation. Illustrate that idea by taking examples from your own experience. (you are also expected to talk about your plans for the future) *speak of successful people who started from scratch”

Well this is a question asked by my english teacher( i’m french^^ ) , I think I understand the sentence meaning but it seems to me a little bit strange. So if you have ideas about this topic it will be great to give me your point of view.

PS: Is my English correct??? 😉

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your English is a bit rough but that’s fine.

here’s a great idea. maybe you know personalities from france that were poor but educated themselves. you could discuss their lives and point out how education helped them succeed. then connect your own experience. how do you think you will succeed with education…

good luck. it’s a brilliant homework.