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Do you need to take the SATs to get into an American university?

I’m currently studying in the UK and after high school I would like to study design in New York. I’ll be doing 10 GCSEs this year and am going to start my A Levels next summer. Is it essential to do the SATs to get into an American university?

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No. Most universities require SAT or ACT scores, but not all do. Many art and design schools, in fact, do not require these scores. They require high school transcripts, a portfolio, recommendations, and financial documentation for visa purposes. Select the schools in New York where you would like to attend, and inquire about international admission requirements. Only the schools can indicate what is required and what is not.

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It depends. If you apply to art schools, such as Parsons, or RISD, or the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, then you don’t usually need the SATs. Instead, they admit you based on your portfolio, in main part, and also your A levels/GCSEs.

However, if you want to study design at a program that’s housed in a university, such as Carnegie Mellon, or Syracuse, then yes, as an international student, even if that school doesn’t require the SAT of US applicants, you’ll need to take the SAT.

You can take this exam in the UK.

You’ll need to check the web pages for each particular university/art school in order to determine what they need from international applicants. They’ll tell you if you need the SAT or not.

BTW, some of the best design schools in the world are in NY. I’ll give you a few to check out:

– The School of Visual Arts

– Parsons

– Pratt

– New York University (Tisch School, mainly communications, film and tv)

– The Fashion Institute of Technology (fashion design)

And some that are nearish to NYC, and worth considering due to reputation even if they’re a drive to NYC:

– Syracuse

– Rhode Island School of Design

– Carnegie Mellon

– Yale

– Rochester Institute of Technology

– Bard College


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Most students will be required to sit the SAT I or the ACT; having GCSEs or A levels will NOT exempt you. For the most competitive institutions, you also may need to sit SAT II: Subject Tests.

To find out the specific requirements for admission you should find the website for the University that you wish to attend, there you will find all of the details, application forms, fees and requirements to be admitted into that University.


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To study in the US you need 3 things:

1) A Student Visa – This allows international students to travel to the US to study. You can find useful information here – http://educationusa.state.gov/usvisa.htm

2) SAT scores – This is a standardized test that all colleges require for admissions. You can find more information and register here –


3) TOEFL scores – This test allows international students to study in the US. You can learn more and register here –


To help you pay for your US education you can apply for scholarships. Scholarships are free sources of money that you can use to pay for your school expenses, and you don’t have to pay them back! You can read more about them here:


Here are sites that offer scholarships to international students:






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