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do you love Charles Dickens?

what is your favourite charles dicken’s quote… and why?

..i really cannot choose any 1 , i am totally fascinated by Dickens and his writings …. i love the innocence and purity of his language ! Dikens Times must have been truely great!

here are a few i would like to share

-” . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it.”

-“Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he’s well dressed. There ain’t much credit in that.”

– . . . Treachery don’t come natural to beaming youth; but trust and pity, love and constancy,–they do, thank God!”

-. . . trifles make the sum of life

-although a skilful flatterer is a most delightful companion, if you can keep him all to yourself, his taste becomes very doubtful when he takes to complimenting other people.

-“There are strings in the human heart that had better not be wibrated. . .

(no more space elz i wud have posted more ,,,,)

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I love Dickens as I love Shakespeare. They had the genius to look into the human soul and describe it in all its diversity. They did this without flaunting their intelligence, and with humour and compasion for Mankind. Dickens was nowhere near the poet that Shakespeare was; but he was a much better story-teller.

A Merry Christmas everyone!


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Black Sapphire
The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it

tis the best.


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“Income one pound: expenditure nineteen shilllings and elevenpence three farthings – result happiness.

Income one pound: expenditure one pound and one farthing result misery”

(Mr Micawber).

Old fashioned I know, but there’s a truth there!


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“The law is a as s” –Oliver Twist

One doesn’t expect wisdom from Mr. Bumble, so this is doubly appreciated.