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could any one give me information to apply to canada as an international student?

im stayin in saudi arabia now and i’d like to know wat to do to apply. wat papers do i need? stuff like that. any help would be great.

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Tzarina 22

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Go on http://www.geebeeworld.com/Canada/Canada/Index.htm

You will find all the information there.

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definite you will be conscious for a pupil visa, you want an recognition letter from a uni then you definately could be conscious. you will pay international pupil costs that are a lot greater advantageous than a Canadian will pay because of the fact the Canadian government subsidizes the fee for citizens,you procedures ever might have the skill to paintings area time at the same time as reading so as which will help with residing costs, this website shows you elementary procedures to bypass approximately getting a visa, savor your working holiday that’s an incredible thank you to work out the rustic playstation lots of the Canadians ive met at the same time as residing in Canada are friendly heat human beings

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You should go to www.aucc.ca which is the main portal for all things relating to university education in Canada. They have general information for international students plus also links to each university.

Good luck.