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Career help please?

I am at college doing travel and tourism! I like it, but i am far behind in the work and i feel so stressed and lost! I dont know if this is exactly what i want to do, and i am afraid if i quit the course i will regret it, or I am just wasting time and its to late for me, and i become nothing!

I really want to do glamour modeling, but i know i must have something to fall back on! Any ideas what on what I should do? Quit or stay? And if I quit, what careers do not include counting numbers and math?

Thanks =[ x

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Pretty much every career requires a certain degree of math. Have you ever thought about going into healthcare? There isn’t a whole lot of math and besides the little math it has is easy!! I love it! I am studying right now for my BS degree in Health Service Management at Chapman University in California which happens to be an awesome school!!! Search all your options before quitting. Good luck!

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stay! Don’t make it a habit to not finish what you started…it will catch up with you in the long run.

If after you finish this course you still don’t feel like this is what you want talk to your counsellor regarding you options.