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Can you answer me about “Federal Loan” ?

Don’t tell me to ask my Financial Aid office, I will do it lolzz..but I just want to know right now if you have experience.

Well, this is my information:

My Estimate need is $7688.00

Total aid: $3711.

Remaining need is **$3977**

But I don’t get the Pell Grant yet, which may be around $2500 more into my total aid. (There is computer error, they guarantee me for the Pell Grant)

I got $2500.00 private scholarship but I dont see it in my total Aid.

For question is, if my remaining need is $2000.00,

>>Will I be eligible for the Federal Loan?

>>Federal Loan send us the check/cash? or what sort of distribution would it be?


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Okay, it helps me to know where you are getting this info from.. estimated need? total aid? Does your “total aid” amount include a breakdown of what kinds of aid. Do you have a calculated EFC yet? This would help determine if you qualify for the Pell. I can usually figure out how much if you can produce that number. If you are not showing a Pell grant on your financial aid, and you think its a computer error, call the fin aid office ASAP to find out why.

There is never a guarantee you will qualify for Pell. Some qualify, some don’t, some qualify one year and then not the next. Go figure. Even if some clerk behind a desk says yes, there is no guarantee till the money is in your or the schools hands.

Loans are usually sent to the school where they pay all your tuition and fees and such. If there is money left over, then the remainder will be given to you. (each semester) To be paid back over a 10 year period.


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