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What would you do if the CollegeBoard lost part of your AP Exam?

I took an AP World Exam last May. The CollegeBoard mailed me a letter saying they had lost the Multiple choice part of my exam. They have me three options. One of them is to have a projected grade. My other two options are to retake the Multiple choice or simply cancel the entire thing.

I definitely don’t want to cancel. I’m considering retaking it, but I don’t know when I would retake it. If I have to wait until May 2008, I’m pretty sure I won’t remember everything and I’m won’t have time to study for another AP exam (I plan to take six next year, another one will only stress me out more). However I’m afraid the projected grade will hurt me and some colleges will not accept projected grades.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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You would not have to retake the multiple choice in May 2008 if you chose to retake the MC section. You would retake it relatively soon. It might be worth it to call to find out exactly when, though. (I think that it’s a good thing that you don’t want to cancel. Then all that work is lost, right?) Unfortunately, even if you knew the material very well in May, it’s very likely that you’ve forgotten a lot of it by now. You’d be the best judge of that. The projected score, however, may help you instead of hurt you. Again, you have to consider if you think you did well on the free responses. Weigh the two against each other, and consider which one would get you a higher score. Projecting is always the easier option, but if you really feel that doing that would hurt your grade…

I guess this is you:

“Note: On extremely rare occasions, it is possible for a portion or all of an AP Exam to become lost in the shipping and handling process. In such a case, the student is presented with multiple options, which typically include an opportunity to retest using an alternate form of the exam or to cancel the grade and receive a refund. In addition, a projected grade based on the remaining portion(s) may be available for some AP Exams.”


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You need to wait until May or a full year following the exam to “take it again” No one is going to do better a year after the date and if you have graduated ….. College Board has you over a barrel.

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Take it again. Statistics show that you do better on an exam the more times you take it.