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What majors should you do if you want to pursue a career in sabermetrics?

I am very interested in sabermetrics and statistical analysis in baseball. I am close to college and I was wondering what some of the majors I should be looking at are.

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Is ‘statistics’ too obvious of an answer? It’s not a particularly common major, so you may have a hard time finding a school that offers it. A general math major would be good, also.

Personally, though, I would highly recommend Economics. Really, economics is just the statistical (quantifiable) measure of life. I call it “the volitional science,” or the science of action/choice. It’s very good at turning real-life scenarios into math problems (read ‘Freakonomics’ for some examples).

As a bonus, economics has a plethora of applications, so if you chance your goals you can find other sources of employ after you graduate.