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What is your opinion of the importance of Geology? Why do you think it is relevant for us to learn about it?

I’m doing a paper about geological features and just need a few angles to go by. I’ll just be using this for statistics only. Nothing else. Your opinions will helpful. Thanks in advance.

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V/D West

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Geology is vitally important to everyone, whether or not they actually realize they are using basic geological knowledge.

It ranges from the situation of residential developments (e.g. in a valley, hillside or on the top) with regards to temperature changes and the underlying rock structure and the forces exerted underneath those development (i.e. earthquakes).

You can also look at it in the form of the oil Cartels such as OPEC , who do literally have the ability to control the world (slightly sensationalist here :-P). They make extensive use of geologists to help identify where new oil deposits are and how best to get to those oil deposits.

Hope I helped with some angels to look at it from