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What is the Necessary GPA for transferring to UT Austin?

UT’s website is crap they need to be a little more precise in requirements .

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Yeah, I don’t know.

I tried going to the website as well.

There were no specific GPA requirements.

But hey, if you’re ranked in the top 10% of your class from a Texas high school, you’re automatically admitted. Or so it says.


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UT has no set GPA requirements for transfer like most prestigious universities. If you are currently in the UT system i.e UTD, UTSA…you have an advantage into transferring into UT because they have a program setup that makes it easier for students to transfer to UT if they are already in the Texas University system. Otherwise, I would say that you have to be in the top of your class and have a relatively high (3+) gpa to transfer into UT, especially if you are majoring in one of its top majors(engineering, computer science, business), since it is very competitive now.

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That’s not that great of a school

They have 40,000 undergrads!!!!


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It’s not that good of a school so 1.0.