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Try to convince my mom…?

i want to be homeschooled for highschool. i casually brought it up to my mom. all she said was “umm okay..” ..so she didn’t say no. i get decent grades in school. a’s,b’s,and c’s. my mom is a nurse. she has pretty flexible hours..but i don’t really know how to sit her down and discuss the whole thing..anyone mind sharing some ideas? please and thank you.

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Well, homeschooling could be scary for some parents…after all, it’s changing the responsibility from the school to them.

First, I suggest you think well why and how you plan to be homeschooling.

Second, do some research about how it works in your area, what resources are, etc. You can either put another question here stating where you live, or go to your local school and/or library and ask for information, or even write “homeschooling at…(your area)” in google and do some research.

Third, do a list with the pros and cons to your mom.

And fourth, and maybe the more important one, is to be clear how will be your commitment and you expect your mom’s commitment will be.

Prepare yourself to answer questions from your mom, like these ones:

– How do you think you will manage your “socialization”? Are you prepared to do volunteer, community work or register to groups or clubs in order to communicate with people?

– How are you going to manage your schedule? As homeschooling usially take less hours of your daily life, what are you planning to do when no studying? How about get a job, help around the house, asist to some group activities, etc.?

– Do you expect your mom will supply all the tutoring? Have you ideas of how, where, when and who can manage subjects that may be difficult for your mom, like physics, math or chemistry?

– Are you prepared for your mom response? What if she feels she couldn’t do it? Or that she feels she does not wants you so much time alone at home?


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Janis B
If she said “umm okay”, then it sounds like she is open to the idea.

Here is your first homeschool assignment. Go online and read about homeschool. Make notes. Do a search about rules for your state. Look at your options in homeschooling. Read everything you can about homeschooling. Don’t just jump into it without a plan and without a clear idea of what homeschool will be for you. If you go into this without a plan, you will be easily discouraged.

Go back through the Yahoo Answers in this section. You will find many links to resources and encouragement.


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write down a list of pro’s and cons about homeschooling. I considered it for acedemic freedom because I was tired of being judged and restrained by my teachers in school. i made a chart of how homeschooling would help me and what would be difficult and used this to talk it out with my mom. We ended up making a deal to see how the first year of highschool went and then make the desicion for the last 3 years of my career.

The trick is to be very mature and professional about it. Show them you’re responsible and will do the schoolwork on your own, without having to be told to. Do your research on different cyberschools or how you’re going to go about the homeschooling process.

Good luck!


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OMGOSH thats weird my mom a nurse too and i have the same grade point avg as you anyways i told my mom if she let me become home schooled that i could take those classes during summer and skip a grade soo of course she loves that and i also mentioned that there wouldnt be distractions like there are in regular schools so i would be more foucused and devoted on doing well in school so i REALLY hope this will help you:) good luck asking her

[[ by the way make sure she is in a good mood when you ask!]]




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I think it depends on your reasons why you want to be homeschooled, which you haven’t mentioned. I homeschool my 8 year old son because of the 2nd grade teacher trying to tell me he might have A.D.D. Now that I homeschool him, I can see that he gets bored and needs more activity.

Its like owning a Jack Russell terrier and expecting it to sit and stay all the time (which is near impossible). lol

Are you responsible enough to follow through on homework or expect your mom to teach you? She will need to want to do that as well.

Read up as much as you can about homeschooling before bringing up the subject again then ask your mother what she thinks.


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ok. once in highschool you should be pretty independent with your homeschooling. all your mom needs to do is grade papers and give tests and fill out paperwork. you need to be very responsible and trustworthy to homeschool yourself. homeschoolers [that try] get higher test scores than public schoolers. you have a lot less busy work and more time to actually learn. it costs a lot less and you get to pick out your own curriculum according to your learning style, etc..

these are a few persuasive things to tell her. gl!


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Thrice Blessed
Your mom might have been giving the okay, or she may not have actually heard you if she was distracted at the time.

Tell her you want to sit down and talk about it.

Go to hslda and look at their info, that will give you some good starting points.


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Well, you need to tell her why you want to be home schooled and collect some infomation on being homeschooled. Then present her with it and see what she says.

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Show her this



You want to get scholarships. Public School is a joke. Let Mom know if she can afford to pay $25,000 a year so beat it! You want to learn! Good for you!!! I home school and my son told me he does not want to go back to school. And bless his heart he won’t as long as I am able I will home school.