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Student Loan Consolidating?

Does anyone have any advice for consolidating my student loans? I about 10400 in Federal Student loans I would like to lower my monthly payment and my interest rate… Does any have any positive experiences or a company they would recommend?

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i wont push you one way or another, but i work at nelnet, so can give you basic info…

the rate will be the same no matter who you go through, because the government sets them. the payments will be about the same as well, so the only thing to shop for is the incentives, and customer service policies.

we offer .25% for auto debit payments

1% after 3 years of on time payments

6 months of no payments

a gift card for 1% of your loan amount after 1 on time payment.

other than that, we are open 24/7.

i would shop around to see what is being offered, but i would do it quick as we will not be offering incentives after 9/15 because of the new legislation. I dont know what other lenders are doing, but thats us.

866.426.6765 is the general consolidation line, if you want my extension, e-mail me.


good luck either way.


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If you are out of school, and have at least $7,500 in loan balances combined, consolidation is a great idea. It will save you time paying the loans and money from the lower rates.

You should apply at a couple places since they all have slightly different offers. Some will give you a ‘good payment discount’, some will give you a discount for auto-deducting the payment… just ask when they call to review your application.

Here are the two I’d suggest, Chase Bank does student loan consolidations, reach them through this link http://www.usadegrees.com/consolidate/

Also, Student Loan Advisors, through http://www.StudentLoanAdvisors.com

As I said, try them both and see which fits your needs best.