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Senior project ideas?

I want to be a nurse (RN) and i want to do a senior project that deals with this…any ideas? I have to write a paper and then do an actual project on it

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How about how people deal with sickness and death of their loved ones? One of the most wonderful roles of nurses is the personal touch they bring into the lives of their patients.

My dad had a massive stroke in January of this year, and we’re lucky he’s alive. He’s totally paralyzed on the left side of his body, and as doctors came and went in a flash, it was the nurses there that we really relied on for support and care.

I’d love to see a study on factors that contribute to the success of nurses. A survey of people (you can do it right here on Yahoo! Answers!) who have experienced nurse care recently, what they liked, what they didn’t like, and to come up in the end with a list of attributes that makes a good nurse.

For example, does friendliness make a good nurse? Or does efficiency?

Anyway, good luck!


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Nursing Senior Project Ideas

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