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Science fiction book Analysis?

I have to do a book report but i’m having trouble understanding what its asking me to do

1.) explanation of the scientific aspects of the book

2.) critiques of

– writing( plot, setting, character development,ect)

– believability/truth of science presented

– how well the author explained scientific principals

if some one could summarize what each means and what i would need to do that would be very helpful, Thank you

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Okay let me try and help…

1) whatever scientific novel you picked, it has sceintific aspects. For example, jurassic park’s major scientific aspect is how they breed the dinosaurs which is by finding mosquitos frozen in certain minerals and draining the blood inside of them. The novel you chose has some sort of major scientific aspect as well and all you need to do is explain it. say how the science is acheived and things like that.

2) -writing

*First, explain the plot. just tell the storyline and what direction the book takes. tell what the story is about, include major characters, and just basically give a good summary of the book. now a critique wants you to rate that. so explain how good you think the plot is. (if you just need a critique, then all you need to do is explain how good you think the plot is) but i suggest including factual information from the book to back it all up.


*is the science fiction presented believable? Can something like that really happen? usually, the answer to that is yes, but be sure and explain how it could happen in reality.

-author’s explanation

*did the author seem like he understood the science of the book? did it seem like he researched the material he presented? did you understand the scientific meaning he was trying to convey? just explain if you think the author did a good job explaining the story.

i hope this helps and good luck =]