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sat subject test: japanese?

hi. im a senior.. and for this nov. test.. i was wondering if i should take japanese listening test…

i am currently in 3rd year level japanese… and i heard for uc’s 570 and up gives you the credit for it… but im not totally positive if i can get a such score as 570..

so should i take the test anyways? or should i not take it since i have completed 3 years of japnese?

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Take JLPT (Japanese Language Proificient Test) instead. It is only held once 1 year around dec and go by 4 level –

JLPT 4 (around Japanese pri sch lvl)

JLPT 3 (around Japanese high sch lvl)

JLPT 2 (around Japanese university lvl) –

Most Japanese had difficulities passing this level.

JLPT 1 (Professional)

It is a international recongise test for all the Japanese language regardless of where it is being taught.

Much more useful should you want a reputable certs if you want to work in a MNC.