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princeton review online tests?

ok so i am taking a free practice test from princeton review online center and i get the results back for a 600 and a 560 and a nother 560 and an 8 in the essay thing is that i got a 600 in math and a 560 in critical reading and another 560 in writing do you think these scores are tru or the princeton review just grades easier or something

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The Princeton Review is pretty accurate in its proximity to the real thing. If anything, it’s harder than the real thing.

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Good for you, taking the practice tests. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they tell you what questions you got incorrect or how to arrive at the correct answer. Their online and CD-ROM versions have that, which is why they offer the practice tests for free – it’s a sales tool for their study products and services.

The questions on practice tests are usually old SAT questions from prior tests, so they’re giving you the ballpark range of what you’ll probably score.

Of course the real test that you take will have new questions you’ve never seen before, so anything can happen. Keep studying and practicing.

A 600 in Math is good, but you should try to bring up the 560 in Critical Reading. It’s a little low. The essay score is about average.


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Princeton Review is a rip-off. My daughter took a local practice test three weeks ago. She still does not have test results back, despite the test material stating that it would be several business days. We have contacted Princeton reviews but NO RESPONSE. This is a deceptive, untrustworthy company. Go elsewhere.

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Tracey O
no, i wouldn’t say the princeton review grades easy. in fact, when i took practice tests from princeton review my actual scores were higher.