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I live in US and I am planning to give my GMAT exam soon, I was thinking if anyone could suggest me which of these wll be the best for taking classes. I heard a lot about Kaplan and Princeton but cannot decide which is better and just recently I heard of Veritas. Can someone who has taken any of these suggest me


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I am using Princeton’s Cracking GMAT and an older version of Kaplan(2005).

I have just started. And i have gone ahead for the sentence correction topic.

The approach is quite different in the two books. Princeton starts with the 8 rules etc. and lays great emphasis on POE (Process of elimination). While for Kaplan its 8 rules and then period.

I am personally not very comfortable with the POE approach. Still, i am using both the books to acclimatise myself with the subject matter i.e. Kaplan & Princeton (minus POE).

After this, i take care that i read the topic from official guide too lest i miss something.

Summarizing, as i see it rather than going for ‘vs’ approach read the books – Princeton, Kaplan & Official (not necessarily in that order). There are some things that are better explained in Kaplan while others in Princeton. Official guide provides a very limited explanation on any topic. And, i have not tried Veritas.

In the end Kaplan 800 is a must when you want to test the quality of your preparations as i see people on the forums mentioning it to having toughest question set and exams.