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J.D and Ph D. in chemistry?

Are there any colleges have Joint Degree Program in J.D and Ph. D. in chemistry?

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unlikely because their very seperate subjcets

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particular. i’m in a graduate software in physics, and one among our new scholars this 12 months in simple terms graduated from medical college. besides the undeniable fact that, he had some historic past in physics. you like a undeniable volume of coursework to be conscious to a graduate software interior the sciences or engineering – you won’t be able to easily leap into it. They already assume you have 4 years well worth of expertise at the back of you; case in point, the 1st 12 months of physics in grad college you would be taking Quantum Mechanics III and Electromagnetism III (which assumes you already took I and II and each thing foremost as much as that). So particular, that is conceivable, yet you have some catching as much as do first.