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Im Lost?!?!?!?!?!?

Eukaryotic cells contain a nucleus and other ___________ that carry out special functions.

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Oh my! Well we have found you now and all is well. The answer for the blank is organelles. Now, how can we keep you from getting lost again? Maybe explaining what organelles are. The simplest answer is they are just about everything else floating around in the cytoplasm that help the cell do what cells do, grow and divide (for the most part).

With the pictures of the cell in your text book with all the organelles drawn in, you are expected to learn the names and functions of each, right? You should understand the picture of the cell in almost every text book from middle school up through college courses for this purpose look nothing like a real cell. It’s sort of an imaginary cell with all the organelles drawn in just for the purpose learning all of them. So don’t get the idea you will ever see a cell like this under the microscope 🙂

Learn the functions of the organelles, then when you do see real cells and real organelles you will be able to say Oh! that’s what they meant.

The URL link is to a real helpful page. Study hard and you won’t get lost again. Good luck.


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eukaryote [(yooh-kar-ee-oht)]

An organism whose cells contain a nucleus. All multicelled organisms are eukaryotes, as is one superkingdom of single-celled organisms. Eukaryotes also have organelles enclosed by membranes. (Compare prokaryote.)

from dictionary.com


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