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IB exams and SAT Subject Tests?

Do IB students have to take SAT Subject tests if they take IB exams? Are both required for college (such as for Ivy Leagues)?

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I dont think IB students have to take SAT Subject Tests, but if you have taken an IB course in a particular subject area, and did well on the test, then you will probably do well on the SAT Subject Tests.

Some, not all, schools require SAT Subject Tests. The schools that require or those that like to see Subject Tests, typically want 2 or 3 Tests, with at least 1 being either Math I or Math II.

I would say that you need to find out from the colleges you are applying to whether you need or want to take the SAT Subject Tests.


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You won’t be taking the IB tests until the end of the senior year. So you will have to take SAT Subject tests for those colleges that require (or even recommend) the subject tests.

Not all colleges require SAT Subject Tests, but it would be a good idea to take them anyways.