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How, when, and why do we get college scholarships?

Im in middle school (6th grade) and I am very concerned

about my grades. I have Bs and As. Bs are not that great for me. I am striving to get into Harvard Medical School. But,

my parents don’t have that much money. I was wondering how,

when, and why we get scholarships. If you had a scholarship

from harvard that will be great. If you had any scholarship…good! Please tell me what i have to do and in

which grade, the scholarships will effect me. Will As and Bs

get me in? (please, no rude coments or answers.)

Thank u!

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idk, but my friend said that the grades in middle school don’t go towards to getting in a college.

but i’m not sure though.

you should ask a counselor or your history/language arts teacher for more informations.

i hope you achieve that goal!


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Basically nothing in Middle school matters, I wish I knew that ahead of time so I wouldn’t have wasted all that time. But anyways, just do good enough in placement test in 8th grade so you get higher classes in high school. Then do good there, really good. No offense though, if you’re getting B’s in middle school chances are you’re not going to be aceing those high school classes, which is what you need to do to get a scholarship for harvard

I hate to be a buzz kill, but it’s not practical to think you’re going to be getting a huge scholarship from harvard if you’re already getting B’s in middle school. I got straight A’s till high school, where I got probaby three B’s total, the rest were



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Teacher Kay
The fact that you are thinking about your grades now is a testament to your desire to succeed. My daughter, who is now a senior in high school, wishes that she had been more attentive to her grades as an entering freshman which, as noted by another respondent, is when things really start to matter. . .at least on paper.

What you can be doing now is plotting your path. Colleges still rely on the SAT and the ACT standardized tests as measurements of your academic abilities. But, just as important to many colleges is the rigor of your coursework in high school. The admissions officers want to see that you’ve taken Honors courses, advanced placement courses and that you have pursued a balanced curriculum with language and literature, foreign language, sciences and math.

Colleges are also looking at many more applications due to the advances in technology. All of the things that you do on an extra-curricular basis are important to your college application. Sports, community service, honor society, musical activities, being involved in a church or temple, have merit. But don’t just take my word for it. If you are as serious as you sound, go to the College Board website and poke around. There is a whole section on planning for college beginning with 20 questions to ask your guidance counselor and how to make the most of your high school years.

There are plenty of resources on the internet and I direct you to a scholarship database and the College Board website.


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There are few scholarships out there for those in middle school. The vast majority are for those who are juniors and seniors in high school. However, there are scholarships out there for college students, too. You have to submit an application with an essay or portfolio, and the selection committee will chose the winners. Good grades and standardized test scores in high school can bring scholarships. Activities and volunteering can also bring scholarships, too.