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How do i do a summary of this please help!!!?

hi! i am supposed to do a summary about an Environmental Meeting


a summary on that but how is that possible ? what do i talk about?? the agenda thing??

Im Supposed to describe each proposal with pros and cons but i dont know its hard!!! !

Thanks in Advance:(

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Don’t panic. The agenda will certainly help you. Go to the meeting and listen well. Tape record it,if you are allowed. Use the agenda to make notes during the meeting as you listen. Select the two or three most critical issues and present the arguments in favor and the arguments against each proposal. If they have speakers, that should be easy, usually they take turns for, then against the issue. If you are confused during the meeting, stand up and ask a question, or watch the speakers and talk to them privately during a break or when the meeting is over. If the newspaper publishes an article about the meeting before your paper is due, double check to see if the paper agrees with you ( the paper is not necessarily more correct, but it could be useful.) You may have time to do some research in local papers or on the net on the topics. I hope this gets you started.