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collegeboard.com/psatextra help?

i attempted to log on to the college board quickstart feature, but am unable to log on. i know that you need the psat scores, which i have, and the access code, which i also have, however i am still unable to log on. perhaps it is because i took the test in october 2006, and am now attempting to log on(july 2nd), but i do not think that is the case. please help, for i am desperate, and this may ruin my future 🙁

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You have to make a separate account for just the College Board website in order to use the Quickstart feature. If you haven’t set up an account yet, you won’t be able to access the PSAT stuff.


But chill. Not getting onto it won’t ruin your future, not by a long shot. I logged in once, looked at it for five minutes, and found that there was absolutely nothing there to help me. At all. Period.

I must suggest that the website’s support system would probably be the more logical place to go for www.collegeboard.com help than Yahoo! Answers.