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Princeton Review ACT 2005 easier than Barron’s 2007 ACT book…why?

I have been through most of the ACt princeton review 2005 book, and when I took the practice tests in the back, i got pretty good scores. Then I got the Barron’s 2007 ACT book, and when I took the diagnostic test, I did horrible. Why is that? The whole Barron’s book looks a lot harder than the princeton one. The questions n the examples n the explanations are all way more difficult. Is the real ACT test that difficult as the Barron’s book’s tests are? This is worrying me since the ACT is in 3 weeks and I’m a senior so this is my only chance to take it and do good. I have 3 weeks to get through the entire Barron’s book but it is so long and goes into soo many concepts. Will it be to my advantage if I actually get through as much as I can in the Barron’s book eventhough I have already studied w/ the Princeton Review 2005 book?

-please tell me how the difficulty level is on the ACT..bcuz these two books are on the opposite end of the spectrum n I have no clue what to expect from the ACT

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Although I’m not taking ACTs, I know that in general, books from Barrons tend to be a lot more difficult. They’re a lot more detailed and cover material that may not necessarily be on the exam. Its just the way barrons is.

I think Princeton is usually pretty good with providing a good amount of detail/questions that are not insanely difficult. so don’t worry about it too much if you’ve been consistently studying/learning. Barrons just makes things more difficult than it needs to be


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No, the Princeton Review book is about the same level of difficulty as the SAT./