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How can I finance and finish college?

Its taken me over 4 years to get my AA degree from a community college while working bunch of dead end jobs. All this also resulted in my credit getting messed up over time and even though I have a pretty good GPA, I also have a good number of W’s.

I should also say I am completely self reliant. Meaning I need to pay for all my expenses, including rent. My parents are getting old, so their help is out of the question.

I really want to go to a University but I just don’t know how since its so difficult just to survive. I need to work full time to support myself. Not to mention its hard having any type of social life without money.

I feel very stuck. I am considering enlisting in the military for the GI Bill too but at 25 I don’t know if thats such a good idea anymore.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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Has free information about student loans, and debit information. good luck


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First of all, forget about the social life. Thinking about that is just an additional issue on your plate, and you honestly don’t need that. My opinion on the GI Bill is that if you *want* to do it, go ahead, you’re not too old. You’ll get paid for your services along with have your education paid for. That sounds like a good deal to me, but you don’t have to enter the military to get money.

You have an AA degree. You should be able to find a non-dead-end job with that. Use it and find a job that isn’t dead-end. Second of all, apply for scholarships and loans. Fastweb is a good start.

Also, have you filled out your FAFSA yet? Fill one out for the year which you need aid ASAP. They assess your income levels, and you probably will be eligible for some sort of grant.

There are many federal loans, and loans through the university you can take out as well to pay the remainder. I would say, work as much as you can *without* sacrificing your academics, pay off as much as you can with grant money, and then take out loans to pay out the rest. Credit shouldn’t be a factor in taking out a federal Stafford loan, and the interest rates are low as well. There are also other student loans which you can take out with low interest rates which won’t require a very good credit score (generally student loans are more forgiving). There are also PLUS loans, which your parents have to sign, but you can still pay them back.


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alex l
I feel that you can always find federal subsidized and unsubsidized loans for school, not to mention the various federal and university grants that your particular institution offers. I would also look for scholarships there and they will be available depending on your major. Your good GPA should be useful and I wouldn’t worry about the “W’s”, those don’t affect anything. Hopefully, you’ve chosen a decent major, (not liberal arts!) and that you’ll be working a decent starting job when you exit college. If your credit’s screwed up, I’d just try to screw it up all the way to finish college. If you do well and find a good job afterwards, you can always go abck and fix your credit. Good luck. GPM!