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Amanda A

How are my SAT scores?

I recently took the SAT in June, and I received:

Critical reading: 500

Math: 600


Then it says:

Multiple choice: 57

What is that, and is that a good score?

And I scored a 06 on my essay. Mediocre, good, bad?

Feedback, please!

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The multiple choice and the essay scors are used to calculate you WRITING score. You got 57 of the total mulitple choice questions correctly, and received a score of 06 for your essay. They use these two numbers to calculate your Writing score. The 06 is pretty bad. You have two readers grade your essay, and they each score it on a scale of 1-6, and then they add the two scores together. You got a 06, so both readers gave your essay a 3 out of 6. Your overal essay got a 6 out of 12, which is 50%, which you should know is not that great of a percentile. However, you still have a chance to improve on that score, so I wouldn’t begin to worry. A lot of people have trouble with the essay, especially when its you first time and you don’t know what to expect.

Good luck!


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that’s pretty average, but bad for colleges.

Critical Reading score is average.

Math is average.

Writing is average.

I assume the multiple choice is the grammer section and that’s pretty low. 6 out of 12 is a lot to miss for writing an essay. an 8 is what they usually give out to people who understand the prompt and at least address it with clear examples. so 6 is pretty bad.