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homework help!?

i have to find human characteristics of the ecozones of canada… one for each ecozone.

only i missed the lesson because i’m sick, in the note he said to do things like buildings, or for example in the northern arctic to put something like an ATV…

but are human characteristics also things like industries (eg. fishing, oil, etc?)

thanks in advance.

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old lady

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Since the examples he gave you were things humans used to survive (buildings, ATV) I would think that’s the kind of thing he wanted, not fishing and oil, which are industries but which don’t contribute to a way of life (other than providing money).

Otherwise, your best bet might be to call a classmate and finfd out what he told the rest of the class to do.


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I second Old Lady’s advice, especially about calling a classmate for notes.

Also, note that although fishing and oil are industries, human characteristics might include an off-shore oil rig, or a dock and cannery. Look for the long-standing structures and changes, rather than the activity itself.