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julie b


Hey, i was wondering, if there are any good tips for going into highschool for my frist year, and im on the small size,,if that helps!! THanks!

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everything they said plus

be outgoing dont be shy every1 is in the same boat that u are so anticipate that

make freinds and try to b honest ppl like honesty (especially the Senors)lol

if u say you are going to do saomething by god u better do it

dont b known as a bad kid or w/e make sure that u r nice help pple out

and dont b fake

dont talk about pple at all

u will make enemies fast if u do

and it can end badly(very badly)

and people are going to make fun of your hieght thats going to happen no matter where u go or wat u do

but just take it with a smile

say something freindly to them after

dont depend on teachers to tell u things

look on the board for homework assingments as soon as u get into class (i learned that the hard way lol)

u wont get the same help that u did in middle skool or junior high

know who ur real frends are and dont leave them

as soon as high school is over the others will ALL leave you and all u will hav left is ur reall frends so make sure u treat them well

so i hope iv helped sweet heart

-Da Bear


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Ms. X
Well, first off, don’t be worried about anything. High school isn’t as bad as the movies make it out to be.

Find your self a good group of friends to hang out with. Ones that you can count on. That’s the key to high school, I believe. If you have a good group of friends, high school is a breeze.

Keep up with your school work. If you try your hardest and hand in assignments on time, the teachers will be very pleased. I find that having a teacher that trusts you makes class so much easier.

Join some extracurricular activities! You’ll make more friends, have fun and maybe learn a little more. It also looks good later on for applications and such.

Don’t worry about your size; there’s people of all shapes and sizes at high school.

If you go in with a good attitude, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Good luck! 😀


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im going to be a sophomore this year coming up and the thing is i didn’t care what the upper classmen said to me, they once were freshmen too. you could say that to them but they will think so your point!? if any of your friends are going there try to find them before lunch and find a table, most likely some other people will sit with you and you will all become friends! yeah! happy ending! lmao! also when i went, alot of the girls from my old school went to my school that im at now and im not any of there friends, you will make new friends, but you will lose friends. also i go to an all girls school so i dont have to worry about guys making fun of me! yeah! happy ending for me! im sorry, you will do great!

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hey im goin to be a sophmore so i went thru it already


after bein a freshman, STUDY AND PAY ATTENTION ON UR WORK!!

that is what is goin to get ur thru to a good college

being popular doesn’t matter, when ur a college freshman, they wont care that u WERE popular

so be urself