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Has anyone taken the written court interpreter test in California?

Can anyone recomend what books to study to prepare for the written court interpreters in Ca or what to study ?

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arup s

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Try this:


Some study material

Gonzalez, Vasquez and Holly Mikkelson. Fundamentals of Court Interpretation. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press (1991). A classic book on court interpreting, written by court interpreters

Best Practice Manual on Interpreters in the Minnesota State Court System. Minnesota Supreme Court Interpreter Advisory Committee (2003). This manual is a first of its kind and serves a reference manual for their court interpreter program.

Gonzalez, Rosanne D, Victoria F. Vasquez, and Holly Mikkelson. Fundamentals of Court Interpretation: Theory, Policy, and Practice. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press (1991). This volume explores court interpreting from legal, linguistic, and pragmatic vantages. It standardizes practice among court interpreters by providing useful guidelines for the judiciary, attorneys, and other court personnel.