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Has anyone taken the GMAT? how did you do ? how did you study? what was your score?

Has anyone taken the GMAT? how did you do ? how did you study? what was your score?

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A few days ago
Marc M

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I just took it. I studied a few nights before, and did O.K. (overall, top 25%-ile or so). I used one of the books from Kaplan.

My math section was about average (~50%-ile), my verbal was excellent (~90%-ile), and writing was excellent as well (~95%-ile).

The writing portion (from my experience, and others I’ve talked to) is the easiest part of the exam. Just grab a GMAT study book, and follow the basic format of the sample essays, and you should do great.

Verbal is also fairly simple. You either have practiced excellent grammar and reading comprehension in school, or you haven’t…. so I’m not sure how you could study for that.

By far, the hardest part of the GMAT is the math section. You should spend most of your time reviewing how to solve data sufficiency questions, as these are the trickiest part of the exam. Many of them, IMHO, border on asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, and can you pick the “right” sample values to solve equations, given limited time. Pretty silly. Fortunately, the problem solving questions are more straightforward.

Anyways, my score was just fine for the program I wanted to get accepted to. I’m sure you will do fine as well.

Good Luck!


4 years ago
it relatively is a low GMAT score. substitute into there a particular area which you probably did somewhat badly on, or substitute into it throughout the time of all sections? If it substitute into one particular area, then possibly you’re able to do prep and boost your score somewhat. yet while it substitute into throughout the time of all sections, then i’m worried. What prep application did you employ? substitute into it between the reliable ones – Kaplan, Princeton evaluate, etc? if so, then talk to them approximately man or woman tutoring. Is English your 2d language? if so, did you do your bachelors diploma in a non-English-conversing united states? if so, then ask the MBA courses in case you could take the TOEFL somewhat of, or besides to, your GMAT. it would desire to help your application.