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grade point average ?

how to find GPA ,something like 3.4 not a percentage like 70%

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a Grade of and A is equal to 4

grade B is equal to 3

c is equal to 2

D is equal to 1

F is an 0

so lets say you have 6 classes.

in Two of those classes you have A’s

in two other classes you have B’s

In one of those classes you have a C

and one class you have a D

So that is A+A+B+B+C+D

or 4+4+3+3+2+1

add those up…

you have 17

Then you divide 17 by the number of classes you have


17 divided by 6 equals 2.8

so in this example the grade point average is 2.8


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For college-bound high-school students, for private universities and most public, the school will look at your unweighted GPA.

That means

-academic classes only

-honors, IBs and APs don’t give you and extra point

-an A+ and an A- is just an A, therefore just a 4.0

Of course it depends on your school.

Some schools have weighted grades, which means it’s on a 5.0 scale if there are AP or IB classes. That may mean that your ranking is weighted also… so a kid getting all As in honors classes will be higher on the ranking than a kid in all regular classes getting As as well.

In general,

A = 4.0

B = 3.0

C = 2.0

D = 1.0

F = 0

Add ’em up and average, remember only use academic classes in most cases.

If your school weights grades:

AP/IB adds 1.0 to the individual grade (before you divide by the number of classes)

Honors often add 0.5, Honors Precalculus usually adds 1.0


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an A is a 4.0

a B is a 3.0

but it depends on your school too