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GMAT score?

When is it realistic and practical to retake the GMAT? Would you do it if you take GMAT the first time and get a score that’s above 700?

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It depends on where you want to go for your M.B.A. I would take a look at the average GMAT scores for the schools that you’re interested in, and see how your current score compares. If you’re looking to attend a Top 10 and have a score that is just above 700, while that is an impressive score, you might want to retake the test, because there’s some serious competition applying to schools of that caliber. Also, since schools generally consider your highest score, nothing is lost by retaking the GMAT.

If you’re considering a prep course, I went with PowerScore on the recommendation of a friend, and found their approaches extremely helpful. All of their instructors have GMAT scores in the 99th percentile, and they cover all of the foundational concepts in their classes and materials. I ended up scoring a 770.


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Hi guys I did not have good experience of GMAT initially but the final experience was the one which I would like to share with you . I scored very less in my first attempt it was like 640. I was frustrated a lot because I was expecting much more than this from me.Then I decided to retake GMAT as I had a lot of faith in me but this took a lot of courage to gather. Thank god,I fortunately scored 7800 in the second attempt. Now my score was quite decent, better than before and I came across a website spotcollege com and they helped me a lot to get admission in Stanford University (CA) now I am feeling amazing.Now I can only say one thing- My hard work has really paid off