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Do AP English tests allow British English grammar?


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Alan L

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There’s actually two different AP English exams. One is the literature and composition exam, while the other is the language and composition exam.

Neither truly have a section on grammar per se, but it is obviously required that you have a good sense of the mechanics of the English language in your writing sample.

As for the usage of British English grammar in essays: while some of the graders (AP English teachers) have a notion of what British English grammar is, it is a sad fact that most Americans are not aware of differences between the two standard grammatical usages. They think the only difference is in the accents and how we say “schedule.”

So if you want to avoid potential trouble if you get a grader who thinks you can’t use formal English, then I would strongly advise you to use the American version of grammar if you can.

But that also comes with an big caveat. The AP understands that this is a timed essay and grades accordingly. This means that they are not going to kill you for making a slight grammatical error. If you write well, they can’t kill you on your writing style.

So all in all, don’t freak out over the differences in grammar, but if you already know American grammar, use it. It can only help, not hurt.


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First, I’d overview all of the literary phrases you’ll – it will be an effortless strategy to get a couple of questions, as there is certain to be a minimum of a million to two questions every passage on literary/rhetorical phrases. For the relaxation of the studying comprehension questions, there on the whole is not any method you’ll tremendously difference your rating, so in case your rating is not well already, it on the whole would possibly not bounce up plenty with final-minute cramming. For the essay, contact up to your vocabulary, literary phrases, and historical past/present parties. (Since one essay is a synthesis essay, one is inspecting rhetorical factors in a passage, and one is established on a arguable subject, there is a well threat the final essay can have whatever to do with the present election, as it is this kind of historic second…) Try studying a few of final 12 months’s essays, and even going via passages to spot the persuasive factors in them. Good success!

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i don’t think so, because if u’r taught the american grammar u r expected u use the american grammar