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could u give me some examples of gases that you can find around the house.im with hw.heres what i have…?

im helping my sister with her hw. shes in 3rd grade. heres what i got so far.

solid: stapler,phone,printer,table,chair,glass cups,cabinets,tv,keyboard.

liquids: water,juice,hairspray,milk,detergent,dish soap, paint,perfume,paint, air freshner

gases: heat, fire, sun, air, oxygen

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Air and oxygen are essentially the same things, though air technically has other things in it (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, et cetera).

Also, sun is not a gas. I assume you meant light, but that’s energy not matter. The sun itself, as an astrological body, is composed of gases but the sunlight that you get it just a lot of photons.

Some gases include: ammonia, water vapor, smoke, propane (for grills and stoves), methane (farts), butane (lighters)


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carbon dioxide that you breath out, CO2 oxygen in the air, O2 nitrogen in the air, N2 ammonia in window cleaner, NH3 methane from a gas stove, CH4 paint fumes perfume aroma steam, H2O chlorine from a pool, Cl2 evaporated rubbing alcohol, CH3CH2CH2OH helium balloon, He exhaust fumes from a running car contains carbon monoxide, CO argon is inside light bulbs, Ar