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Can you explain the ACT to me?

I am taking the “ACT Plan” which is a free practice version of it. What type of material (details please) is on it, is it multiple choice, what is the max score, and do you have any tips for it? Thank you!

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There is 4 Sections to the ACT: English, Math, Reading, and Science. If you are taking ACT w/ Writing, then you will also have a writing section.


This is somewhat like the writing section of the SAT. It basically tests you on standard english grammar. This section is all multiple choice, you gives you a couple of passages to read. On each passage, there are some words or phrases underlined, and it asks you if it is grammatically correct. The answer choices are alternatives to the underlined word or phrase. Select the best choice.

Ex: It is rain today. (rain is underlined)

a. no change

b. raining

c. rained

d. omit

The answer is, of course, b. raining. Omit means to delete the whole word in the sentence. This section also tests you on punctuation, etc. In addition, this section asks you some questions regarding the passage as a whole. For example, what is the theme of the passage?

You must finish 75 questions in 45 min (i think)


Questions are all multiple choice. This section tests you on Geometry, Algebra, and Algebra 2. The questions are basically like the SAT Math, though the ACT one is a little easier, since it tests you on what you have learned at school. The difficulty increases are you get towards the end.

I forgot how many questions there are. Sorry!


There are 4 passages to read, each relating to the following topic: Social Science, Science, Humanity, Fiction.

It is like the reading portion of the SAT critical reading. You read the passage, and answer questions. They ask you questions on theme, tone, etc.


There are like 6 Science “passages.” You don’t need to know any knowledge of science. You, however, need to know how to read graphs, tables, diagrams and be able to analyze them.


One prompt, 30 minutes.

Unlike the SAT writing prompt, this one is more specific and has examples. They will always ask you something regarding high school and they give you two possible arguments. You should take one side of the argument and support your answer with personal experience, reading, etc.

Example prompt:

Should foreign language classes be required for all high school students?

Should students be allowed to use the Internet for research papers?

The ACT is easier compared to the SAT. However, the time limit is extremely strict. You MUST go very fast, pace yourself, and skip questions that you don’t know. Fortunately, ACT does not mark off points for wrong answers so you may guess. I had a lot of trouble trying to finish each section so do your best and go fassst.


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covers all the basics you learn in high school. reading, math, language, science, it is a kind of placement test for colleges. my advice is to take a pretest so you know what to go back over. just relax it really is a test of what you already know, if you cram for it you will be to stressed out to take the test well. it is multiple choice. but i don’t remeber max score. all i remeber is that i got a 25 on it