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ACT Reading Test Help!!!!! only PEOPLE WITH 32+ please!?

I’m taking the ACT over again this October. I took the test in April and got a 31. The reason I am retaking it is because of the reading test. First, let me list my subject scores:


Math: 30

Reading: 26

Science: 33

English/Writing Combined: 32 (doesn’t factor into composite)

Composite: 31

I recently took a practice ACT, and my scores were as follows:

E-33, M-35, R-27, S-34, Composite-32

As you can see, the reading score didn’t improve that much, however everything else either did or stayed the same. I don’t know what I can do to boost it up. If my reading score was in the 30’s, I would have a composite of 33 and above. I need to boost up my reading score for this to happen however.

Please don’t say “You got a 31! Why do you need to retake it?!” Believe me, I have my reasons. I realize that 31 is 98th Percentile, but I know that I can do better.

Please help me boost up my reading score. What are your tips on doing so? How did you get a great reading score? Did you read all of the passages? Did you look at questions first? What did you do? Help!

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ok. the biggest problem with the reading section is that there is not enough time. you have to learn to work fast. DO NOT read the question before hand, read the passages first. but you must read them fast. dont try to comprehend and take in every little detail, you wont have time to do so. but also dont skip any words. just try and read it super fast. then go to the questions and answer the questions. if u need to go back and look, it’s gonna be easier for you to to find it. dont get stuck taking a long time on one question. answer the easy ones first. also underline passages as ur reading.

main thing is to read fast while retaining the basic details of the passage


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I got a 34 on the reading section and a 34 overall, so I might be some help?? I don’t know. What I did was I read the whole passage first. Don’t skim even if you’re really bored of the passage. That’s a big mistake!!! Reading the questions first don’t really help either. It just makes you more confused. If you have to, mouth the words as you read them to yourself. It helps you to keep focus, and it gives a tone to the narrative (if the passage is a narrative). If the passage is plain, dry earth science or something like that, then try to barrel through it as best as you can. When you can’t answer a question from a certain passage, try to think it through before reading the next passage. If you leave the blank question until later, you’ll probably confuse yourself.

Finally, if you have enough time at the end, go back and reread the question and check your answer. Make sure the answer makes some sense and that it actually answers the question!

I hope this helps. I’m sorry it’s so long. =)


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I hated the Reading part. However I did a little higher than you.

All I did was read the questions before I read the literature.

Then I when I found an answer to a question, I’d answer it and

continue reading. Most of the answers are the only ones that make

any common sense.


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Reading Comprehension is a Huge part!! Take all the free tests online, over and over it helps!! Be able to read it quickly and know what you read!!! There are tons of sites!! Look for Practice compass tests, they give you questions very similar!! Keep at it!!

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I never took it so i couldn’t help you, my brother got a 34 though.

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