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118 state university credits, 3.6 G.P.A.?

I’ve attended Clarion U. of Pennsylvania, and Penn State. I have more than enough Gen. Ed. classes completed to satisfy an imaginary General Education Degree…but no one offers that. I cant continue this schoolastic endevor……..I want a Jobby Job! What can i do in Pennsylvania with 118 completed credit hours where i can use my brain and my hands to make a successful something?

Please Help!

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There are many jobs that you can do without a college degree. But you have come this far. If you want to graduate and be a success, it is time for you to specialize. Analyze the courses you have taken. Which ones are the most intriguing to you? Which ones are the most satisfying? Then look at where you have the biggest concentration. Which area? It’s time to grow up and look at the requirements for a major. Then complete a major so that you can graduate. Good luck to you in your bright future.