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Why do most Special Ed teachers not follow the students IEP?

I had that happen to me way 2 many times and it made me angry.

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Teachers are actually lazy. That may be rude or offensive to some but the teachers that happened in my experience were once who were exteremely lazy and having an IEP means more work which they wont do. If they dont follow an IEP talk to them, if they dont still then speak with the principle and take it higher if needed. Its a state crime (in most states) for teachers do such a thing.

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You stated that you have had teachers that did not read your son’s IEP until it was time for his next one. I question why they were not present at the IEP meeting itself? Other than you,as the parent, the child’s teacher is THE most important person in attendance. I would insist your child’s teacher is always in attendance at his IEPs.

If at anytime you feel your child’s educational needs are not being met due to not following the IEP, you can request a new IEP. Make the request verbally and in writing (documentation is essential in these cases). In writing request who you need to be present and what your concerns are. At the IEP if you feel you are not being heard or your child’s needs are still not going to be met, ask for a mediator. The school system legally must provide a professional, unbiased (cannot be employed by the school system), mediator to help both sides reach an agreement. This legally must be paid for by the school. Most schools cringe when the “M” word comes up..it is costly! Often times they will shape up before a mediator is brought to the table.

I know how frustrating it is. I have a 3.5 yro autistic son. Keep in mind, the school system only has to adhere to the best education for your child and is not obligated to follow any medical recommendations.

Best wishes!


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Because they KNOW they will NOT be in trouble for not doing what is on IEP plan.

They think parent won’t notice it is not being followed. Even if parent finds out it is not being followed, the principal, superintendent, whoever won’t care, because schools do not want to help children in special ed anyway.

Whenever IEP plan is not being followed, tell your parents to write a letter to the district special ed director and send a copy to the superintendent.

In the letter, say that their child’s IEP plan is not being followed and this is a direct violation of federal IDEA law and that they are requesting ‘prior written notice’ for the refusal of following IEP plan.

Parents can also file formal state complaints for school not following IEP plan.

All of this is allowed by federal special ed law IDEA for parents to do as their ‘procedural safeguards’.


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contact the teacher(s) you are having a problem with and ask them directly if they are having a problem getting information to assist your child and if so, can you help locate it…..this opens up the line of communication and makes them a little uncomfortable. my son was placed in a class(IEP) in which he was too above. I asked why the information was not grade appropriate for him for his level. He was placed in regular science class the next week and was fine.

I guess what I am saying is, don’t get mad but ask the right questions. Start out a little naive and slowly put your inquiries

onto the important issues.

at one IEP I told them my son should be held back a year.(he was the youngest in class) The principle told me that only helps 10 % of those held back.. so my next question was…so who are you to decide that he isn’t in that 10%? He was held back …and he is in 2nd grade now and doing great.

You are the only one that knows what your child needs and stand your ground and tell these teachers what you expect of them and if they aren’t going to accomodate you, you will be contacting the principal and special ed director to see what else needs to be done. They need to see you are fighting for your child and won’t back down.. Once they see this… they will come around.


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Even though it happened to you I am not sure how widespread it is.

The factors why it is not used in a classroom may be.

Lack of knowledge of what the IEP states.

Impracticality of implementing certain provisions.

Lack of teacher training.

Lack of time.

Disagreement with the provisions.

Lack of equipment or materials.


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Mel W
Good question. I suspect you will have to speak with these teachers if you are to have any hope at getting an answer, but chances are the answer they will give will be some gobbledygook. The educational system does not really seem to be addressing the needs of students with learning concerns and special needs.

Makes me upset, too.

God bless.


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Excuse me! My regular ed teachers and I review the entire IEP and they keep daily goal check sheets…so please don’t include the whole world in your general statement.

You can call an IEP and ask questions like that right to the teacher’s face. I did to a speech pathologist once, “So, why hasn’t Johnny met his goals in 3 years?” OOOH it made her angry and the parents moved him to another slp and he improved. Keep fighting for what is right!


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I can’t answer your question directly, but can sympathize with you. I had the Spec Ed at my son’s school tell me that they were so busy with so many kids and, basically, couldn’t remember everything or keep up with it all. I took him out of public school, and enrolled him in a charter school, and he is doing so much better with small class sizes.