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i live in toronto and have some questions for people who are studying/ed social work?! asap?

I am in grade 12 and i think that i want to apply for social work next year at univeresty.

1) At univeresty, what degrees can you get, like a 5 year degree than a two year for your masters, is that right?

2) What can you specialize in once you have the degree? for ex. child, mental health, women who have been abused..

3) How much do they get payed on average? i know that it may depend on where you are hired but approximately?

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If you get your BSW you can actually apply for advanced standing which allows you to do your MSW in a year. It is not a 5 yr degree but accomplishes the same thing. http://ipe.utoronto.ca/students/professi…

Different programs have different options for concentrations in the last year of the MSW (all BSW are what is known as generalist programs – there is no specialization).

As for pay. In the US the starting salary for a BSW is 20-30K and for MSW it is 30-60. The social workers in CAN that I know with an MSW and experience are all making 50+



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go and talk indifferent universities