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Where can I get a minor degree online?

I am going to a 4-yr university for Design. I want to minor in something completely different but they don’t offer this minor at my school. Can I attend my university while also getting a minor degree from somewhere else online? If so, where should I start looking?

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There’s not a diploma called “a minor in…” what you’re looking for is an undergraduate certificate.

A minor is only about 18 hours so what you will want to find is a certificate in that field at the proper level.

You don’t tell us what you want to minor in. If it were Casino Management (just my example but it really exists) you could complete it at U Mass Amherst completely online.


You’d take four courses about Casino Management and U Mass Amherst would award you an Undergraduate Certificate in Casino Management. This example would cost you nearly $4000 but would be a good thing if you wanted to be a casino manager.

There are certificates awarded by colleges all over the US. You just have to find one related to what you want to study.