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Where can an adult get tested for dyslexia?

I am pretty positive my husband is severely dyslexic. His early education was in another country though, and the schools here don’t test for it.

The only place I found was a company that charged $700 to have a bunch of professionals decide on a diagnosis…

As he doesn’t go to a school he can’t see a school psychologist.

Can a plain old psychologist test for dyslexia?

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Melissa F

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you may want to look into your insurance company to see if there is anyway you can get coverage to do a psychological exam. They can do an extensive battery of assessments to see what the issue may be.

He should talk with his primary care physician to get a referral. There are companies out there but I would be leery.


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I’m not sure what the credentials are of the others who are answering this question but I can tell you for sure that you can not diagnose yourself with dyslexia or any other such disability. Anyone suggesting that you should take an online test is not being ethical! If you have a serious concern then first talk to your general practitioner. Ask him or her to refer you to someone who can properly assess reading disabilities. That person should have a degree in and supervised experience with the testing materials that are used! Another idea: dyslexia does not develop as one reaches adulthood (unless as some sort of secondary disability to a traumatic brain injury or such).

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If a college near you has a special ed program they will do it (at least my school does) even if he doesn;t go there.

And yes most psychologists do it, that’s where i was tested when i was little. Just call one and if they don’t do it they will know someone who does.