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School is starting help?

I want to get good grades but i need strudy help!!!!!!

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Studying wise don’t cram. The day that teacher mentions a test start studying a little bit every night. If they mention on Monday there will be a test Friday, start studying Monday night. It will help you retain information and be able to actually do some quality studying.

Take notes during class, rule of thumb if its on the board it should be in your notes. Often when teachers are talking they’ll throw out hints that they won’t write on the board, try to pick up on those and jot them down.

Always do the homework, some teachers make a point of checking homework everyday others will do random checks.

Participate in class, teachers don’t stress how important it is, but when you see your progress report you’ll realize that it would have helped. Even if its a wrong answer it still brings up your participation grade.

And lastly do not stress out, stay calm and set realistic goals. The more you stress before a test the more you’ll end up forgetting.

Best of luck, I’m sure you’ll do just fine


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To get good grades you have to do the following:

1. take notes

2.Do your homework Every day

3.Study all your notes when you are going to have a test study at least 1 1/2.

4. Make sure you participate in class.

5. Pay attention and don’t get in trouble (this will help you when you get your report card, if you never get in trouble the teacher will most likely bump your grade.)

Good Luck =)


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jack b
go to your nearest college, the students their will help you.