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Possible starter jobs for B.S. in Bio and Philosophy minor?

I’m about to graduate with a B.S. in Bio, while also minoring in Philosophy[with a concentration in science]. I absolutely LOVE science, but the competition of med/pharm school pretty much frightens me. Ever since I was a child, science has been a passion for me; I already go to a pretty competitive school, and I already find myself sometimes doing it for the glory rather than the passion.

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions of possible career paths other than Med-School or Pharmacy.

I also want to start working; any ideas on starter jobs that i can look into?


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Depends on your bio degree – quite a bit of lab work for some specialties (e.g. pathology); they’ve often got entry level positions for scientists. Talk to a few lecturers to find out the best places to look for entry level jobs