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MLA IN-TEXT CITATION, how do i cite website inside of text?

when citing novels, typically you put authors name (if more than one novel is being cited throughout the essay) and page number…(white,34)

but what about for webpages, what do you put in brackets in that case? im doing an economics report and have no idea how to cite anything outside of essay styles.

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u shuld go on www.citationmachine.net

tehy tell us 2 use tht at skool it has MLA format and everything then all u hav 2 do is copy and pastee it in2 the document. hoped i helped =]]


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If the website has an author, use that.

If not, use the first two or three significant words of the title of the page/section you are using.

So if the page is called “Domestic GDP of United States” then you would cite (“Domestic GDP”) in your text.


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I’m assuming you mean you have no author for the Web page so, “If the work is listed and alphabetized in your source list by its title (no author), then you should refer to it in the parenthetical reference by its title…the title may be shortened to just the first word (not including articles like “The” and “A”), and should be quoted or underlined if it is quoted or underlined in your source list.”

If this is not the problem, just look at the examples given in the link at NoodleTools.


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yes, you do. if the idea isnt yours and 110% original, you have to state where it came from. it doesnt matter if you are directly quoting it or if you summarized it.