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I want to apply for classroom teacher initial certificate speech and language disability.?

can some one tell me in details what this profession intails. Also i have a BA of ART.

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OK – you first have to becomes certified in special education. The degree would be Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped. Most states require that you have a SLP license. If you are doing certification it still means you have to be special education certified but you received certification from the state in Speech and Language. Each state has their own requirements. You are best to check with the state department of education to find out what is specifically needed. Because you have an BA in Art, I would also talk to your DOE about alternative route to teaching and what is required.

The state or one of your local universities will be able to supply you with what courses you will need to take.


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Certification usually takes two years for most things. However, not sure about certification in disability regarding speech and language.

Either go to nearest Tech. College or College you received BA of Art. Should get all info you need.