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I need a 2007 Theocratic Ministry school ntbk for JW’s . have a part in next wk and though it would help. 🙂

I’m a baptized sister of almost 10 years now. I guess I’m kinda late in getting this notebook. I thought it would provide additional info besides that found on the 2007 school schedule. Thank you all

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Each congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses conducts a “Theocratic Ministry School”, according to a schedule so that nearly every congregation around the globe considers the same material during the same week.

Thus, a visiting Witness knows exactly which speech quality will be discussed, which instruction material to review, which bible reading to prepare, which bible passage the public reading will cover, and which topics the student talks will discuss. Over the years, some have used this schedule to cut-and-paste text from the bible and various quoted publications into a “notebook” for use by students and audience members during the School.

The vast majority of a typical “TMS Notebook” copies printed material from New World Translation, Benefit, Reasoning, and Scriptures Inspired; but ironically, full editions of these four books combined take up about the same volume as one notebook!

Since these works are copyrighted, congregations have been asked to remind adherents that the compilations are for personal use of the compiler and should not be publicly distributed. Of course, the four primary source works (and others) continue to be available without charge.

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