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Grandma learning english?

I am showing my grandma english(60 years old)

what are the best excercise so she pronunce well.

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Try visiting this website with her, I don’t know if she is computer savvy or not, but if you sit down with her I think she will really like it.


It is FREE, and pretty fun for all ages. All of the lessons are in Flash and are interactive, they also tell you how to pronounce every single thing they have in the lessons, and that is a lot because they have a LOT of material. They also have videos, games, podcasts, and you can register for free to track your progress.

Hope she likes it.


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The above poster had some very good suggestions. The only thing I can think to add is that she could join some kind of group where she can interact with English speaking people (if you’re in an area where significant numbers of people speak the language). Does she like to knit or quilt? Would she enjoy being involved with a church group? Interacting with native speakers is a great way to learn a language.

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Record some TV shows with subtitles in English so she can see and hear the words at the same time. The news or talk shows where people speak in with good grammar and in complete sentences would be best. If she is in America have her take English as a second language and get out and talk to people.