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how to make a sensory room for a autistic child?

ages 5-12

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I have made a sensory room at a school where i work.

buy some fairy lights some come in a net fashion and attach to the ceiling, buy some lava lamps and a bubble machine even torches are great to use. you could also buy a projector.

a fan is worth having in your sensory room if you cant afford a wind machine a c.d player with calming music or animal sounds.

get some textured materials i.e fur silk leather suede and make cushions.

You can get some really good textured wall and floor tiles so have a look at them.

dont forget the senses of smell and taste while making your room

contact Mike Ayres via the Internet for a broucher on sensory rooms


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There are many ways to fill the room with sensory needs for individuals that need special care. There is a web-site that can assist you with this kind of decorating. When surfing go to the on line shopping, Autism ,e toys and Parents also there are special books for individuals with special needs wish you well and good luck!

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Abilitations has a catalog specifically for sensory items. Here is a link with a sample room: http://www.abilitations.com/multisensory/sampleRoom.pdf and here is a link to request their catalogs, incl the multisensory one. http://www.abilitations.com/sportime-shared/catalogForm.jsp Hope this helps!