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Deaf home schooling?

If you are home schooling a Deaf child what age should you bring them into public school or should they stay home schooled till college?

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No get them in a school environment as soon as possible. They need to learn to interact with other children and the rest of the world. My cousin is deaf and she not only has a great job but she has raised 3 beautiful children.

My son has a friend who goes to his high school and she graduated with honors.

Isolating your child will only hurt him or her in the long run. They can lead VERY productive lives. Other people will also learn from him or her. How to be understanding and kind.


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I really think it depends on other factors in the child’s life – how old are they, do they have any health or developmental factors (or learning styles) that would make homeschooling the better choice, etc.

If the child is able to lipread, they are confident enough to tough it around kids that aren’t going to know how to react to them, and the teachers involved are trained on how to work with them, it shouldn’t be a problem…also, are they wanting to go to school? I don’t have anything against schools – my parents are teachers, and darn good ones – but they’re not for everybody.

I don’t think that’s a question that can be answered on a blanket basis – every child has different needs, at different times, and those needs have to be addressed individually. If there are outside factors that would make homeschooling the better choice for now (or for the long run), there’s nothing wrong with that.